Why should you instruct a medical expert witness?

As leading neurorehabilitation expert witnesses, NRC Medical Experts see first-hand the demand for independent medical expert witnesses across the UK. So why is there such a demand?

Rehabilitation doctors, solicitors and case managers are faced with complex and highly specialised cases, which often require an independent medical expert to make sense of the case. Ranging from medical malpractice to criminal defence, the involvement of a medico-legal expert is a necessity.

Here, we answer some common questions about why medical experts play such an important role in a case.


Do medical experts have an objective approach to assessments?

Absolutely. Medical expert witnesses have high levels of experience and outstanding knowledge within their specialism. With years of experience within their profession, our medical experts can provide the courts with an impartial, objective and focused approach to the case at hand.

Once appointed as your medical expert witness, the experts begin to apply their knowledge to the case and make sense of the medical complexities. They are then required to produce new and significant evidence, contributing to the case outcome.

Do the experts write the expert report for the court?

Yes. Once all medical assessments have been carried out, the medical expert witness must document their methods and conclusions in a detailed expert witness report.

To ensure no critical information is misunderstood, the expert witness will write the report so that it is understandable to those without the same level of technical and clinical expertise – without compromising any detail.

Medical expert witness reports often act as fundamental evidence within a case. The reports may also be shared with the court or tribunal so everyone involved can make a fully informed decision.

Are the experts okay to add their own opinion?

Yes, experts are often asked to add in their own medical opinion. As independent medical expert witnesses, their opinion is recognised and respected by the courts. Because of this, it can be used as further affirmation of any conclusions.

Our Medical Expert Witnesses provide an extensive range of medico-legal reports, services and testimony for claimant and defendant solicitors, barristers and legal teams.

Through NRC Clinical Practice, our Consultants bring leadership and continuity to the rehabilitation journey, improving people’s recovery outcomes.

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