In September 2023, NRC Medical Experts hosted an online webinar for clinical colleagues, solicitors, case managers, and associated professionals interested in understanding more about the prescribed use of medical cannabis in the context of neurological conditions and the medico-legal process.

Below, you will find links to watch and listen again, and download a transcript and slides. You can find information about further webinars in the Autumn 2023 Series here.

Medical Cannabis for Legal Teams, Clinicians & Case Managers

Prof. Mike Barnes, neurologist and neurorehabilitation clinician and medical cannabis expert with  NRC Founder, Dr Edmund Bonikowski, the webinar ‘Medical Cannabis for Legal Teams, Clinicians & Case Managers’ equips legal teams, medical practitioners, case managers and medico-legal experts with a comprehensive and enlightening overview of this rapidly evolving area of medicine and law.

Building on his extensive experience in the field of neurology and cannabinoid therapeutics, Prof. Barnes delved into the history, legal status, medical applications, and medico-legal implications of medical cannabis, particularly in relation to brain, spinal and neurological injuries, with insights drawn from dual practice in neurorehabilitation medicine and latterly, in medical cannabis education.

Dr Edmund Bonikowski, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and Founder of NRC Medical Experts, hosted the webinar, leveraging his vast clinical and medico-legal expertise to guide the conversation and Q&A.

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