Virtual Reality (VR) has been here for more than a decade now and other than being an entertainment system, they’re proving to be just as nifty for medical and therapeutic purposes. VR is a powerful tool to motivate its participants while providing augmented feedback to instruct the subject and improve […]
NRC Medical Expert, Dr Julian Harriss, developed the following study guide on behalf of NR Times. It gives an interesting and accessible overview of the vital classification process that shapes treatments and outcomes after brain injury. Classifying brain injury We often use the terms “concussion” and “mild” or “minor” head […]
Seizures may occur after traumatic brain injury; these are known as post-traumatic seizures (PTS). However, not everyone who has post-traumatic seizures will continue to have post-traumatic epilepsy (PTE), because the latter is a chronic condition. However, the terms PTS and PTE are used interchangeably in medical literature. Understanding epilepsy and […]
The only true statement about a life expectancy estimate for the Court is that it is bound to be wrong. There are so many variables to take into account in coming to a life expectancy, particularly in someone with a severe disability, that an accurate prognosis is next to impossible. […]